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Delivering the legal documents to the receiver is now easy through our process server in Iran and Process server Services in Iran. We are specialized in delivering legal and court documents to the defender in Iran. We have been in the business of serving legal and court documents for the last decade. If any case is registered against an Irani National and you want to defender to receive the documents in person then you may contact our process server Services in Iran. The service of process in Iran is not easy. Iran does not have the court system as those of European and Asian countries. The court system in Iran is just like a table talk and the Judge can give punishment to the offender in the first proceeding also if evidence is available. If any case is initiated against an Iranian national or against someone who is in Iran and you want the personal service of notices or summons to him you may contact our process server in Iran. We take sufficient evidence during the services of summons or notices to the receiver. We try to take videos while delivering the legal documents. We also take signatures from the receiver as proof that the documents were personally delivered. You can hire our process server Services Provider

  • DO WE HAVE TO POST THE ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS FOR THE DELIVERY? No! You don’t have to post the original documents for the delivery of documents. You just have to email us all the documents. We will take print of the documents and deliver them personally to the receiver. Our process server in Iran will also take receiving from the receiver as proof.
  • WILL YOU PROVIDE AFFIDAVIT: Yes! Our process server in Iran will provide you with an affidavit of the delivery of the documents. We will mention all the details of the affidavit and get it notarized. We will also post you the notarized affidavit. We also provide a process server
  • WHAT SERVICES ARE INCLUDED IN YOUR FEE? Our fee includes the services of delivering the documents, preparing the affidavit, and getting it notarized, and even the postal charges are included in it.
  • Do you charge extra for the post? No, we don’t charge extra for the post of affidavit. The charges for the post of an affidavit are included in the fee.
  • DO YOU CHARGE FOR NOTARIZING THE AFFIDAVIT? No, we do not charge extra for the notarizing of the affidavit. Our process server in Iran will prepare the affidavit and get it notarized in the fee already given. We also have a process server
  • How much time will take to deliver the legal documents? We will take at least 2 weeks to deliver your legal and court documents. The period for delivering the documents depends on ifs and buts’. We may also deliver it in a couple of days but homework is always required to do a confirmed personal delivery.
In Iran, the circumstances and situation are different as compared to the other countries but our professional process server can get your work finished quickly. Please contact us for the delivery of documents.

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